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2019 End of Year Acquisition Update

Over the course of 2019, Volaris Group acquired more than twenty software businesses. We are privileged to have had the opportunity to work with so many talented founders and entrepreneurs. These individuals have entrusted us to nurture the businesses they’ve worked so hard to create, often over multiple decades, and we are committed to their long-term success. In 2020, and beyond, we will continue to develop their products, provide opportunities to their employees, and enable them to focus on the needs of their customers. 

Overview of Volaris’ 2019 Acquisitions

Though we have some general acquisition criteria guidelines, the companies we acquire vary widely in terms of vertical market, geography, technology and other factors.

Volaris is a global acquirer with a presence in over 30 countries. New to Volaris are 10 companies based in Europe, 8 in North America, 4 in Australia & New Zealand, and 3 in Latin America. Read the Update on Latin America and the Update on Australia & New Zealand for more information about Volaris’ M&A activity in these regions.

Click on the logos in the chart for more information on each company.

Here are some examples that illustrate the diversity of Volaris' 2019 acquisitions. For more examples, read the 2019 mid-year acquisition update.

MDS Global: The security of a buy-and-hold-forever acquirer

Acquisition Date: July 2019

Vertical Market: Communications & Media

Technology: revenue management, business assurance, and analytics software for telecom service providers

Headquarters: Warrington, UK

Why Volaris? 

MDS Global’s competitors included some of the largest software companies in the world and shareholders were concerned that their comparatively small footprint would limit their growth. Shareholders wanted the backing of a big company that would provide access to capital, operational expertise, and security that the company would not be sold to a competitor. Volaris’ was able to provide a long-term home for the company, the support of a global network, and access to capital for growth initiatives.

"We’ll continue with our strategy – but with Volaris, we’ll be able to move much faster." — Gary Bunney, CEO, MDS Global 

IndiCater: Providing customers with increased value

Acquisition Date: October 2019

Vertical Market: Foodservice & Hospitality

Technology: Process management solutions to manage back-office operations

Headquarters: Reading, UK

Why Volaris?

IndiCater’s shareholders wanted a buyer with an established presence in the Foodservice & Hospitality vertical to help scale the company and improve their product offering. IndiCater joined CaterTrax, a Volaris Group company, in the foodservice and hospitality vertical. The combined market expertise and complementary product offerings of CaterTrax and IndiCater provide increased value for clients in the foodservice and hospitality industries.

“With a complementary portfolio of products and services and a shared common client base within the contract foodservice sector, Volaris is unquestionably the right home for IndiCater as we transition the company into its next stage of growth.” — Mike Day, Managing Director, IndiCater                                                                                           

Akuiteo: Accessing new growth channels

Acquisition Date: August 2019

Vertical Market: Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Technology: ERP software for software manufacturers

Headquarters: Lyon, France

Why Volaris?

Akuiteo’s shareholders were looking for a buyer that would allow the company to retain its autonomy whilst increasing its market leadership in France. Shareholders felt that Volaris’ investment in the business and its people would enable Akuiteo to grow their solution suite and customer base.

“Volaris’ ability to invest in our company, our people and our products in a meaningful way means we can ultimately serve the software manufacturing market even better.” — Jean-Christophe Llinas, CEO, Akuiteo

Let’s Connect

We are actively looking to have dialog with vertical market software leaders and M&A brokers. Do you own or represent a software company that may be a good fit for Volaris? Let’s talk.

About the Author

Shezad is the head of Corporate Development and M&A for Volaris Group. Since joining Volaris in 2010, he has led the acquisition of dozens of vertical market software companies in numerous verticals across North America, Europe and Australia.

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