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Mid-Year 2019 Acquisition Update

In the first half of 2019 Volaris Group acquired over a dozen businesses in diverse verticals and geographies. New to Volaris Group are 2 vertical market software companies in Latin America, 2 in Australia, 5 in Europe, and 5 in North America. Volaris strengthened its presence in its core markets and entered the Healthcare, Social Welfare and Banking verticals. Though we have some general acquisition criteria guidelines, the companies we acquire vary widely in terms of vertical market, geography, technology and other factors.


Here are some examples that illustrate the diversity of Volaris' recent acquisitions:

Velocix: Nokia corporate carve-out

Acquisition Date: January 2019
Vertical Market: Communications & Media
Technology: Service Provider Media Delivery Platform
Headquarters: Cambridge, UK

Why Volaris: Nokia wanted to partner with a proven operator to grow their IP video streaming product portfolio as a standalone business. Volaris offered Nokia the ability to continue being a shareholder in a growing business that Volaris will invest in over the long-term to continue providing value for shareholders.

Lingo Systems: Integration into an existing business to give scale

Acquisition Date: February 2019
Vertical Market: Fleet Asset Management
Technology: Shared Motor Pool Booking Solution
Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

Why Volaris: Lingo now has opportunities to cross-sell into the Volaris fleet customer base in Australia and North America. The company can also leverage Volaris’ infrastructure to support expansion into North America.

Criterions: Entry into the Healthcare vertical

Acquisition Date: February 2019
Vertical Market: Healthcare
Technology: Electronic Health Records Management
Headquarters: Great Neck, New York

Why Volaris: Crtierions' CEO was looking for an exit strategy that ensured the company would remain intact as a standalone business. The company now has better opportunities to compete in their market by leveraging Volaris’ resources to bolster sales & marketing.

Infogate: Entry into the Social Welfare vertical

Acquisition Date: May 2019
Vertical Market: Social Welfare
Technology: Client Information System for Social Welfare Institutions
Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland

Why Volaris: Infogate's co-founders were nearing retirement and wanted to leave the company intact as well as provide opportunities for remaining shareholders. Selling to Volaris allowed for the planned transition of management to the next generation within the company whilst also gaining the financial and functional support necessary to achieve continued growth.

Cittati Technologia: Expanding into the Brazilian transit market

Acquisition Date: January 2019
Vertical Market: Public Transportation
Technology: Hardware Independent Bus Fleet Management Software
Headquarters: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Why Volaris: Volaris is a market leader in the North American and European transit markets. Cittati is now able to leverage Volaris’ industry expertise to help grow market share. Cittati is already a market leader in Brazil and partnering with Volaris will help the company maintain their dominance.

Fisa Group: First Acquisition in Ecuador and entry into Institutional Banking

Acquisition Date: May 2019
Vertical Market: Banking
Technology: Core banking solutions for retail, commercial, and international financial institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean
Headquarters: Quito, Ecuador

Why Volaris: Fisa's owner was ready to exit the business and wanted a buyer that would help the company increase market share in a highly fragmented market. The company is now able to leverage Volaris’ capital and expertise within the Financial Services vertical to improve market share.

Global M&A Leaders

With 70+ companies in 30+ countries and 20+ verticals, Volaris Group is a leading strategic acquirer of vertical market software businesses. Companies that join Volaris keep their autonomy and the ability to serve their market, while benefitting from belonging to a larger organization.

We are actively looking to have dialog with vertical market software leaders and M&A brokers.

If you own a vertical market software business or work with clients who do, our M&A professionals would welcome the chance to connect with you. 


About the Author

Shezad is the head of Corporate Development and M&A for Volaris Group. Since joining Volaris in 2010, he has led the acquisition of dozens of vertical market software companies in numerous verticals across North America, Europe and Australia.

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