6 Valuable Ways We Use Our Intranet Site

August 6, 2014 Brian Beattie

At Volaris, we know the importance and benefits of having a company intranet site. Our internal website enables us to collaborate as a tight knit community across many regions and companies. Here are six valuable ways we use our intranet site, and why we consider it to be a business essential:

1. Easy access to important information

Our intranet site allows us to get information out of people’s heads, off their hard drives and into a place where others are able to access, work with and update this information.

2. Faster Turnaround

The immediate benefits are faster turnaround on processes, no lost time while someone is away, and no more “lost in my Inbox” syndrome. The tools we use for our intranet allow for features such as co-authoring and synchronization. Employees can work together in real time without emailing versions around; this is especially useful for processes requiring multiple contributors.

3. Shared best practices

Our intranet site also allows for us to share best practices across companies and functions. Employees can post questions and answers, share examples of work, and link to resources. Any member of one of our business units can provide advice and solutions to someone who could be working within the same office, or across the world. We are able to work together as a single team rather than as individual companies.

4. Social

Some “social” activity is essential to supporting a sense of community in a global organization like ours. We are able to take all the best aspects of social media - connection, convenience, and information - and apply it to our business. Also, because the site is specifically designed for corporate use, it is not required that employees link to their personal social networking profiles. We are also able to share corporate news and updates in an interactive space so that people can not only be informed, but also have the opportunity to respond.

5. One stop for organization resources

Shared services are all sourced on the intranet – HR, Legal, IT, and so on. Take benefit information, for example: everyone can access this information on their mobile devices, and forego having to obtain the information directly from the HR department. This function saves time which can be reallocated to serve a better purpose.

6. Foundation for a digital workplace

The intranet is a hub for what we call the “Digital Workplace” – a group of technologies that form the backbone of what our organizations need for daily operations, including email, collaboration, HR information, CRM, and more. These integrated systems are a strategic focus together, not isolated programs.


Making the intranet a key part of your business strategy can increase efficiencies, simplify business practices and improve daily operations. At Volaris, our intranet is helping us to make the business better.

Your Turn

Does your company use an intranet site? Does it benefit you? Any learning lessons? Let us know in the comments below and like and share with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


About the Author

Brian Beattie

Brian Beattie is the Chief Financial Officer at Volaris Group. Besides overseeing the financial health of the company, he works closely with Volaris’ legal and M&A team on all new acquisitions. Brian is an expert on every stage of the M&A process – from sending out the non-disclosure agreement to executing the sales purchase agreement.

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