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Volaris Group Continues to Expand in Healthcare Vertical with Acquisition of Hospedia Limited

TORONTO, ON – November 10, 2021 – Volaris Group Inc. (“Volaris”) has announced that it has acquired Hospedia Limited (“Hospedia”) based in Pontefract, United Kingdom. Hospedia, a leading provider of point of care software and services to the UK’s NHS Trusts, joins a growing number of Volaris businesses headquartered in the UK and significantly expands Volaris’ footprint in the healthcare vertical.

“It’s a very exciting time to join the Volaris Group healthcare portfolio,” said Rob Turner, Group Leader at Volaris. “Our businesses are leveraging Volaris best practices and growing through acquisition which is enabling them to serve their customers in new and exciting ways. More importantly, when we do that, we are truly making a difference to the lives of patients and those who care for them.”

Hospedia will be managed by WiFi SPARK (“SPARK”), which was acquired by Volaris Group in 2020. SPARK founder and CEO, Matt O’Donovan and his team plan to work with Hospedia to transform bedside terminals and point of care solutions for patients across the UK.

"This provision can benefit Trusts the most, because the bedside terminals will become a proper asset, providing benefits both for patients and clinicians," said O’Donovan. "For patients to be able to watch TV and to have access to other entertainment options on these units, free of charge, can be a real boost to their morale and recovery. And for hospital staff, being able to use them for clinical purposes can make the fulfillment of tasks easier."

As part of Volaris-owned WiFi SPARK, Hospedia can leverage the Volaris network for additional support as well as Volaris best practices for talent development, organic growth, operational excellence and customer success.

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