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2022 Mid-Year Acquisition Update

Volaris Group continues to keep pace with tech M&A in 2022. During the first six months of the year, we've already announced 14 new acquisitions from 8 countries. We've added new verticals including Data Management, IT Service Management, and Risk Management.

We plan to continue developing relationships with M&A advisors, founders, and business owners in the second half of year. 

Acquisition remains at the heart of our business, and we look forward to welcoming more businesses to Volaris.


Overview of 2022 acquisitions year-to-date

As a highly active global software acquirer, Volaris already has a presence in more than 35 countries. Given our broad acquisition criteria, the companies we acquire vary widely in terms of vertical market, geography, technology, and other factors.

Click on the logos in the chart for more information on each company.

Here are some highlights that showcase the diversity of Volaris Group's acquisitions in the first half of 2022. 


Adapt IT: Supporting growth in South Africa

  • Acquisition Date: January 2022
  • Vertical Markets: Educational, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Energy, Telecommunications, Hospitality & Consumer Markets, Security & Services, Public Sector
  • Technology: Various
  • Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa

Why Volaris? 

Adapt IT saw a strong fit with Volaris. Both companies have a strong values-based culture with a continuous focus on investing in their employees, a global footprint, and a wealth of experience in the acquisition of software companies for the long term.

Adapt IT already had many strengths as a diversified software company that was founded in 1996 and successfully grew its customer base to more than 10,000 customers in 55 countries. The acquisition by Volaris results in a diversified South African software company being backed by a well-capitalized leading global technology firm that is keen to support further growth. 

Adapt IT now represents Volaris’ interests in the African continent, a region in which Volaris sees opportunities for growth. Volaris has committed to support Adapt IT in setting up an education trust, which will directly benefit employees and families of Adapt IT and the general communities in which Adapt IT operates. Volaris has also committed to supporting Adapt IT to maintain its Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment status.

Read the related press release about Adapt IT.

"Volaris Group’s commitment to creating opportunities for knowledge exchange and career development for our people has been consistent through this process. We are ready to seize the moment and excited to enter Adapt IT’s next chapter."

Tiffany Dunsdon, CEO, Adapt IT 

TOMIA: Building on a heritage of success

  • Acquisition Date: June 2022
  • Vertical Market: Communications & Media
  • Technology: Optimizes and orchestrates critical inter-carrier business processes including data and financial clearing, network roaming, real-time campaign management and interconnect solutions
  • Headquarters: Vienna, Virginia, U.S.

Why Volaris?

TOMIA’s diverse, proven and mission-critical communications software suite, and long-term customer relationships were a perfect complement to Lumine’s ecosystem for communications and media software. TOMIA’s team was excited about the possibility for Volaris to propel its next phase of growth driven by the market evolution toward 5G, IoT and cloud technologies.

TOMIA will operate as an autonomous business within Lumine Group, and the leadership plans to remain focused on achieving the company’s vision and serving customers’ most critical needs.

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“Lumine Group's acquisition approach and buy and hold philsophy provides us with a solid foundation on which to build our company and deliver continued success.” 

— Gary McIlraith, Executive Chairman, TOMIA                                               

Alemba: Guaranteeing an innovative future

  • Acquisition Date: June 2022
  • Vertical Market: IT Service Management
  • Technology: Helps IT organizations streamline service management processes and enhance service delivery
  • Headquarters: Edinburgh, UK

Why Volaris?

Alemba CEO Simon Nugent says: “We are very appreciative that our customers, leaders in their own fields, have placed their trust in Alemba and our software. Alemba was born out of a commitment to ensure that the software had a vibrant and innovative future roadmap.”

“By joining forces with Volaris, we are helping to bullet-proof that future and provide a platform to realise our ambitions within the IT Service Management space.”

Read the related press release about Alemba.

“Volaris is an excellent home for Alemba and we are excited to bring the benefits of Volaris’ expertise and long term vision to our customers.” 

— Simon Nugent, CEO, Alemba

Let’s Connect

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