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Deeper Customer Insights Help IntraNote Sharpen Focus

IntraNote made a strategic decision to focus on key verticals after Volaris data analysis helped them see their customers in a new way

For software specialist IntraNote, providing the highest value possible to customers has always been a top priority. After joining Volaris and taking a fresh look at their customer data, the company has decided to hone in on the utilities and construction vertical markets. The company's goal is to keep a closer eye on market trends so they are ready to partner with customers to solve complex, vertical-specific issues. 

Making a mission-critical product even more valuable 

IntraNote already provides value to customers by streamlining resource management through its document management systems and helping save on costs. Among IntraNote’s major customers are utilities, building construction, and educational institutions in Denmark and Sweden.
IntraNote’s Managing Director, Claus Andersen, gives an example of how their software works.
“Before building on a piece of land, building construction professionals first have to make sure that the land is serviced," explains Andersen.  "That is, the land needs gas, water, electricity, and sewage connections.” 
Without IntraNote’s software, building construction and utilities companies would need to budget for a roster of staff to manage complex and detailed construction data. IntraNote’s tools also allow clients to track project workflows, which is useful if, for example, a client wants to know why a water connection isn’t available to the land yet. In such a case, a client would  be able to use IntraNote’s software to see what might be holding up progress. Lastly, the software also provides security when working with contracts and distributing information.
“The concept behind our software is similar to the customer being able to push a few buttons and having the land serviced, with secure systems fully set up,” says Andersen. 
Claus Andersen of IntraNote
Claus Andersen, Managing Director of IntraNote

Strengthening IntraNote’s market position

IntraNote is currently one of the top three leading players in the markets where it competes. But the company still has room to further strengthen its market position. Many existing and prospective clients can benefit from digitizing more of their workflow to streamline operations, keep up with regulatory requirements, and access data to help drive decisions.
IntraNote made the decision to focus on construction and utilities verticals after Volaris Group’s customer data analysis helped them see their customers in a new way.  After working with Volaris to analyze customer data, IntraNote saw that some verticals it was servicing were actually losing money.
Jesper Ulsted, Portfolio Manager at Volaris Group
Jesper Ulsted, Portfolio Manager at Volaris Group
Jesper Ulsted, a Volaris portfolio manager in the utilities and construction verticals, says there is an opportunity for IntraNote now that the company has the resources of Volaris behind it.
“With its high market share and vertical-specific expertise, IntraNote is a company to watch because they have the potential to set the scene of the markets where they operate,” says Ulsted.
IntraNote is a company to watch because they have the potential to set the scene of the markets where they operate.”

-Jesper Ulsted, Portfolio Manager, Volaris Group

Taking a page from Volaris best practices

Since joining Volaris in 2020, IntraNote has been learning from Volaris best practices to advance its growth strategies. The company has begun inviting clients to special interest groups where clients can share their input into new product developments being planned. 
“We partner with clients to develop their ideas of how software could help with their needs. Those interactions help us secure pre-orders for new products,” Andersen says of IntraNote’s newly adopted collaborative approach to customer engagement.
The new approach to customer relations is just one step IntraNote is taking to dive deeper into vertical-specific issues. The software provider is also closely engaging with key players who drive the agenda of the construction and utilities markets, by inviting external decision-makers and experts to customer events. These key players drive the agenda of the market and have key insights into customer pain points. 
“By engaging with us, the idea is that the customer gets more than just software – we also know their industry, and can help solve difficult issues,” says Andersen.
“Joining Volaris and learning from its data-driven approach allowed IntraNote to focus on its business performance. Our employees are turning into specialists into their vertical market, turning their knowledge into value for their customers.” 
-Claus Andersen, Managing Director, IntraNote

Building a shared ecosystem in a fragmented market

In the building construction space especially, IntraNote sees a fragmented market with many companies solving niche issues in specific corners of the vertical. Andersen sees the possibility for M&A to build a shared ecosystem for the various companies that have emerged to solve similar issues in the building construction space.
With growth through M&A being a key goal at Volaris, IntraNote is in the right place to help drive future acquisitions.


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