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How We Helped Our Companies Navigate COVID-19

Since the start of COVID-19, software businesses have been navigating a period of tumultuous change. Leaders have needed to stay agile as they found new ways to work with teams remotely, keep operations running smoothly amid changing guidance from governments, and develop client relationships despite canceled business travel, conferences, and major events. 

As part of the Volaris community, our companies never need to face business challenges alone. Our vast network means that there’s always someone to look to for advice — and guiding our businesses is just one element of the support we provide. 

Here’s a round-up of some advice our groups have compiled to help companies adapt.

Empowering Your People in a Changing Environment

Our Financial Services group put together this analysis of impacts and opportunities that arose because of the pandemic. (This was just one piece in a series  read part one, two, and four.) 

Executive Perspectives: Driving Growth through the Pandemic

Sales and marketing leaders in Facility Management businesses reflected on how they were overcoming challenges and adopting new strategies in a changing environment. 

COVID-19 Business Continuity Checklist

Lumine Group, our Communications and Media group, looked at how businesses can mitigate risks related to employees, operations, and suppliers. 

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