Yahoo Finance Compares Constellation Software to Berkshire Hathaway

June 4, 2019 Shannon Mandel

Volaris CEO and Constellation COO, Mark Miller, recently spoke with Yahoo Finance about our parent company’s stock performance and strategy.

The Yahoo article explains that Constellation is often compared to Berkshire Hathaway for the similarities in how both companies acquire businesses and encourage autonomy post-acquisition. Like Berkshire, Constellation and its operating groups, including Volaris, have seen sustained growth over time. As noted in the article, the value of Constellation stock has increased 9,600 percent since its 2006 IPO (yes that’s correct, 9,600 percent)!

To learn more about how our acquisition philosophy compares to Berkshire Hathaway’s practices, read the blog article, Structured for Success: Berkshire Hathaway.

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