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2021 Year-End Acquisition Update

A Note from Our CEO

In 2021, Volaris Group continued a successful track record of M&A, welcoming 31 companies from 12 countries. We added new verticals such as Software Development, Renewable Energy, and Engineering.

Our progress over the past year affirms our belief that Volaris provides a great permanent home for many vertical market software companies. Our teams continue to learn from each other’s experiences as they explore new avenues for growth.

Acquisition is at the heart of our business, and we look forward to continuing our relationships with M&A advisors, software founders, and owners in 2022.

-Mark Miller, CEO of Volaris Group


Overview of 2021 Acquisitions

As a highly active global software acquirer, Volaris already has a presence in more than 35 countries. Given our broad acquisition criteria, the companies we acquire vary widely in terms of vertical market, geography, technology, and other factors. This year, the businesses joining Volaris included:

  • 11 in North America
  • 14 in UK and Europe
  • 6 in Asia-Pacific

Click on the logos in the chart for more information on each company.


Here are some highlights that showcase the diversity of Volaris Group's 2021 acquisitions. 


SoftChalk: Partnering for Quality Learning

  • Acquisition Date: February 2021
  • Vertical Market: Education
  • Technology: Learning management system
  • Headquarters: Richmond, Virginia, USA

Why Volaris? 

The founders of SoftChalk were looking toward retirement, and began speaking with AssetWorks and their parent company, Volaris Group. 

“I liked several things about AssetWorks,” she said. “I liked that they weren’t looking to buy and flip the company and that they were interested in growing the product and the staff for the long-term. It seemed like a win for the SoftChalk partners, for our customers, and for our staff.”

AssetWorks assured SoftChalk’s founders that they would commit to building upon SoftChalk’s achievements over the last 19 years. SoftChalk was reassured that AssetWorks would help them improve the quality of learning within higher education by doing engaging, cutting-edge work with people who enjoy working together.

Read the full SoftChalk case study.

"If your primary objectives are to find a way to grow your organization, your team and your products, then Volaris Group could really be a good home for you."

Sue Evans, CEO, SoftChalk 


Ubersmith: Gaining Access to a Global Ecosystem

  • Acquisition Date: July 2021
  • Vertical Market: Communications & Media
  • Technology: Subscription management software for the cloud, with billing, infrastructure, and ticketing solutions that are open, scalable, and integrated
  • Headquarters: New York, USA

Why Volaris?

After meeting with Lumine, a few things immediately stood out to Kurt and the Internap team. “Lumine does not directly compete with Ubersmith’s customers, rather, Lumine’s businesses are complementary to Ubersmith,” said Kurt. “When looking for a new home for Ubersmith, this is exactly what we had been looking for.”

Ubersmith also believed in the Lumine vision of providing businesses with access to best practices to empower decision-making that drives business growth. “From the beginning of our search, we looked for an owner who would invest in the team and the product,” said Kurt. “We were focused on finding someone who believed in mutual trust, as well as Ubersmith’s solutions and potential,” says Kurt.

Read the full Ubersmith case study.

“At Lumine, we are able to up-level quickly - gaining resources for finance, human resources, legal, and other areas where we did not have the right amount of capacity before.” 

— Kurt Daniel, CEO, Ubersmith                                               

Lightbulb Analytics: Greater Peace of Mind for Clients

  • Acquisition Date: August 2021
  • Vertical Market: Asset Management
  • Technology: A leading provider of telematics-driven data analytics for police forces in the United Kingdom
  • Headquarters: London, UK

Why Volaris?

By joining Volaris Group, Lightbulb Analytics gained access to best practices and resources in many key business areas, including sales and marketing. In addition, with the backing of a public organization, Constellation Software Inc., Lightbulb Analytics’ clients have greater peace of mind about the stability of the business. 

Lightbulb Analytics Commercial Director Adrian McMullan shared: “One of our vulnerabilities was that while we did have a clever product offering, we were very small. I have had a number of meetings with our clients and sharing that we are now part of a much larger company has given them reassurance in our business.”

Read the full Lightbulb Analytics case study.

“Being part of a much larger company and having access to sales and marketing support will enable us to grow the business in the future.” 

— Adrian McMullan, Commercial Director, Lightbulb Analytics

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