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Quadrants 2022: Sustaining High Growth, Improving Profits

This article belongs to a multi-part series about what to expect from Quadrants 2022.

With more than 160 businesses in the Volaris Group family, we continually strive to create an environment where networking and learning are accessible to our leaders at an intimate scale.

Our flagship learning event, Quadrants, is an example of how we help customize learning that suits our business leaders' needs. Participants at the September 2022 conference will be part of one of four tracks, based on their organization’s stage of growth. This programming strategy ensures we meet businesses where they are, while encouraging them to have conversations with colleagues facing similar challenges.

Group Leader Rob Turner is leading the track for leaders that are focusing on sustaining growth and improving profitability. He shares what participants can expect.

Quadrants is like a four-day business advice camp where you can ask any question and get amazingly helpful answers.

- Rob Turner, Group Leader, Volaris Group

1. What are common challenges of leaders who attend your track?

Leaders in this track are from businesses that are trying to sustain growth whilst becoming more profitable. Common challenges I hear from people attending the track are:

  • Needing more knowledge about how to deliver their products or services in a more efficient way, which in turn increases profit margins
  • Wanting to continue reinvesting new profits in additional sales and marketing or R&D spend—but not necessarily having the next growth opportunity in mind, or being unsure of what a suitable amount of investment might be to maintain growth

Sometimes, the growth that a company experiences can be unplanned or circumstantial—such as in the case of a large one-time project or event that can change the financial picture of the business temporarily. A challenge many companies face in this situation is understanding how best to use this one-time hit to ignite perpetual growth.

2. What's your experience with companies that belong to this track?

My personal experience with a high-growth company focusing on improving profits comes from managing the Volaris-owned company Kinetic, a software provider for accommodations, events, and catering management in the higher education sector. 

More recently, I have had a chance as a Group Leader to oversee businesses within Volaris that are similarly experiencing high growth, and are on their own journey to improve profitability.

3. What sort of strategies might your track explore for the companies participating?

Companies in this track will be able to explore strategies including:

  • Using technology to deliver services more efficiently, in turn increasing profitability without losing growth
  • Understanding alternative pricing techniques
  • Spotting the next growth opportunity
  • Exploring a growth mindset and building high-performance cultures, which in turn will perpetuate growth

4. Why else should people be excited about your track?

Can you get more excited than being in this quadrant? Growth is where all the fun is! The breadth of experience in each room will be excellent, so getting that opportunity to share what’s working and what hasn’t yet worked will be great.

5. What value do you think Quadrants brings to the Volaris community?

The Volaris community is phenomenally powerful and is getting stronger with every acquisition we make. We have people who have seen businesses grow through all different stages, differing customer types, pricing models, concentration levels, organizational shapes, and geographic and jurisdictional nuances, amongst others.
Quadrants is like a four-day business advice camp where you can ask any question and get amazingly helpful answers, in addition to building relationships with people willing to help again in the future.

6. Any other pieces of advice for participants?

My top tips for any first-time attendees would be:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions in sessions and be confident in answering those of others. Your personal experience could unlock a problem for someone else.
  • Find time to reflect on the lessons learned at the end of each day—perhaps with a drink in hand.
  • Make a point of regurgitating your newfound learnings to someone else, as doing this will help cement the lessons in your own head.
  • After the event is over, use your lessons learned from the event to make improvements or try new methods in your business. All of the lessons learned and momentum gained could be lost if you don’t attempt to do so.

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