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We're Planning the World's Largest Gathering of Vertical Market Software Leaders

Volaris Quadrants will bring 1,200 attendees to London this September

When you’ve spent much of your career as a lone founder or entrepreneur, it can be reassuring to find a community of like-minded executives who are facing similar challenges.  

At Volaris Group, we’re working hard to build this kind of supportive environment across our portfolio of companies. We have carefully nurtured a culture of learning and curiosity, where leaders share their knowledge and learn from each other. We see it as one of the most important things we can do to support the companies we own. 

“The community of peers, mentors and experts I have been able to connect with across Volaris has helped me grow into the executive I wanted to be,” said Andy Nelson, Group Manager at Volaris Group. “This network has been my secret weapon as I approached the unknowns that this wild and uncertain business climate presented.”

Delivering networking and learning at scale is challenging, and when we looked at the market for leadership development opportunities in the vertical market software industry, we didn’t see conferences or events appropriate for our senior leaders and their businesses. So, we decided to build our own.  

Quadrants 2022

We held the first Quadrants event in 2019 and, with the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic (hopefully) behind us, we’re building on the event even further for 2022.  

Quadrants 2022 will bring together 1,200 vertical market software leaders to London for the vertical software industry’s largest global gathering. The event will feature more than 1,500 breakout sessions, covering the full spectrum of vertical market software growth and operations. We will explore functional areas such as sales and marketing, finance, and customer care, as well as tactics and strategies for successful mergers and acquisitions. We’ll host participants from all Constellation Software operating groups and have invited forward-thinking business leaders to deliver unique keynotes.

The event is founded on the principle that knowledge-sharing can help drive business success.  

“It is inspiring to be part of a team where sharing how you got to a successful outcome is such an important part of the culture,” said Erna Hansen, General Manager of Windward Software. “Volaris businesses don’t lock away secrets to success or pull the ladder up after reaching the top. We’re encouraged to share best practices and spread great ideas throughout the Volaris community.”  

Companies that join Volaris get access to a variety of learning and development opportunities that are unique to the industry – and target the needs of vertical market software executives directly. Our long-term view – we buy and hold forever – means that we can build a vibrant community of leaders over the long term.  

“In my time at Volaris, the Quadrants experience stands out as a highlight,” said Kealan Curran, Managing Director of Gaina Software. “I was able to take time to reflect on the needs of my business and talk through my concerns with folks who had been there before. That experience is both unique and extremely valuable.”  

Quadrants will run from September 25 – 29th, 2022 in London, U.K. and is open to leaders from any of our companies.  


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