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Quadrants 2022: Staying in the High-Performance Zone

This article belongs to a multi-part series about what to expect from Quadrants 2022.

With more than 160 businesses in the Volaris Group family, we continually strive to create an environment where networking and learning are accessible to our leaders at an intimate scale. 

Our flagship learning event, Quadrants, is an example of how we help customize learning that suits our business leaders' needs. Participants at the September 2022 conference will be part of one of four tracks, based on their organization’s stage of growth. This programming strategy ensures we meet businesses where they are, while encouraging them to have conversations with colleagues facing similar challenges.

Our high-performance track is meant to support the needs of businesses that are seeing both strong growth and bottom-line profits. Although they have achieved positive results, they still face changing business conditions from year to year.

Portfolio Manager Nathan Godfrey is leading the high-performance track, and he shares what participants can expect.

The businesses in the track sit in the performance zone where our businesses, their leaders and management teams are executing to a high standard.  When running breakout sessions, we are looking to topics and conversations that can add value to these particular businesses.

-Nathan Godfrey, Portfolio Manager, Volaris Group

1. What are common challenges of leaders who attend your track?

We know that most businesses can get to the top performance zone.  In fact, the majority of all mature Volaris businesses have spent time in this zone over the past three years.  The challenge is sustaining that performance over the long term.

We never sell our businesses, so it is important for us to consider not only how we can get our businesses to a high-performance zone, but also how we can ensure that they stay there.

2. How will breakout topics be structured to provide value to those who attend your track?

We surveyed leaders that will participate in the high-performance track.  Several common themes were reflected to us clearly, which we are using to structure the breakout sessions.  

Common themes include:

  • How to clearly define and communicate a strong business strategy 
  • Supporting sales and marketing excellence 
  • Winning new customers
  • Aligning to create strong customer relationships 
  • Building high-performing teams  

In positioning topics, we considered the statement: “You might become a high-performing business without doing this, but it will be hard to stay here without it.”

3. What value does Quadrants bring to the Volaris community?

We are confident that the topics for the breakout sessions will be interesting and engaging. However, I’ve always thought that the value is most often delivered through the conversations that occur.  These conversations may happen in a structured session, informally, or even incidentally.

People who get the greatest value out of Quadrants typically arrive with a passion to learn, a desire to build their own network of like-minded leaders, and a willingness to contribute their own expertise back to the community.

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