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  • Headquarters: Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Acquisition Date: 2022
  • Vertical Market: Software Development
  • Website:

The Entrepreneurial Spirit of EASA

EASA was founded by a group of visionary entrepreneurs in the early 2000s with a strong focus on innovation. The company quickly gained recognition for its engineering software solutions. 

When asked to recall the moment EASA’s software innovation originated, Sebastian Dewhurst, co-founder and current GM at EASA, recalled a conversation with its longtime customer, Proctor and Gamble.  P&G presented them with an intriguing question— find a way to convert the company’s intricate Excel spreadsheets into user friendly web applications. 

Although this approach was unconventional at the time, EASA recognized the potential in bridging the gap between traditional spreadsheet-based processes and modern, user-friendly applications. The team at EASA eagerly embraced this challenge and developed innovative solutions that would transform how companies approached their engineering and technical workflows.

Why Choose Volaris Group?

Dewhurst said the path to acquisition began when the company’s co-founders, who had nurtured EASA into a thriving business, found themselves wondering, "What comes next?"

When they began the next phase of planning for the future and legacy of their company, the ownership team came to a profound realization: Although EASA had flourished as an independent entity, they would need a partner with a broader perspective to pursue growth beyond their current boundaries. 

The decision to seek a partnership was not taken lightly by Dewhurst and his team. He emphasized, "We weren't obligated to sell. There was no requirement." EASA had the freedom to choose their path on their own timeline, so the owners were only interested in a strategic move that would protect their legacy and propel the company forward.

Despite not actively seeking buyers, EASA began receiving offers from potential investors. "We weren't even on the market or looking around; it just happened through contacts," Dewhurst recalled.

Amid offers from an investment division of a conglomerate in Miami and a traditional private equity firm based in San Francisco, Volaris Group emerged as the ideal collaborator for EASA. The decision to choose Volaris Group was not just financial; it aligned with EASA's values, vision, and long-term aspirations. 

As Dewhurst warned, "Be cautious of offers from private equity firms or anything that seems too good to be true, because it probably is." EASA's thorough evaluation of their options and their willingness to reject offers demonstrated their dedication to finding the right partner, not just any partner.

“If you have a well-established operating company and are exploring ways to incrementally enhance its performance, I believe Volaris could be an excellent match.”
- Sebastian Dewhurst, co-founder and GM, EASA

The Power of Independence and Support

The partnership between EASA and Volaris Group was built on a guarantee that the company would enjoy continued independence to run their business their way, a fundamental principle that set the foundation for their collaboration. Within the Volaris Group framework, every company maintains its distinct brand, identity and full operational autonomy. 

While EASA maintained the autonomy to continue innovating and serving their customers, the company also benefitted from Volaris Group support in key areas, including HR and legal assistance. Dewhurst said this type of dynamic collaboration is what EASA needed in a strategic partnership, assistance in key areas that acts as a force multiplier.

Receiving much-needed support in navigating complex legal intricacies and managing HR has allowed EASA to refocus the company’s energy and resources toward areas where they excel—innovation and customer satisfaction.

"The Volaris Legal team is absolutely fantastic. They have been incredibly helpful, useful and valuable to us."
- Sebastian Dewhurst, co-founder and GM, EASA

Looking Ahead With Volaris Group

As someone who attained his pilot's license before he got his driver's license, Dewhurst can appreciate the benefit of seeing things from a 30,000-foot viewpoint. The time and industry data provided by Volaris Group has allowed EASA’s leaders to evolve their business strategy, which included a renewed focus on marketing to drive organic growth. 

Volaris Group’s financial backing has also opened the door to EASA making its own strategic acquisitions and mergers, a concept that the company had not previously considered. The ability to explore additional offerings and expand their portfolio further highlights the growth potential in this collaboration. In an ever-changing technology landscape where adaptability is crucial, EASA’s decision to join Volaris has provided the support and insights that will keep the company competitive and protect its legacy.