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  • Headquarters: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Acquisition Date: October 2019
  • Vertical Market: Human Capital Management


Apdata was founded in 1984 by Manoel Jose da Rocha and Luiza Nizoli. Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Apdata provides a complete solution for Human Capital Management, intelligent outsourcing services, and HR process consulting services. Apdata works on the development of integrated, flexible, and automated solutions in technology and outsourcing for HR. With 400+ employees, Apdata also has offices in São Paulo, Brazil, and Orlando, USA.


After many years running a successful business, Manoel and Luiza dreamed that Apdata would become one of the largest People Management companies in the world. To grow faster, they would need an investor. Manoel and Luiza started to consider an acquisition to boost growth with the possibility of consolidating the People Management market.

We felt that our companies had a lot of synergies, especially because of Volaris’s extensive knowledge in the technology industry.

Manoel Jose da Rocha, Founder, Apdata

The Decision to Sell

By the time Manoel and Luiza were introduced to Volaris Group, they had already met six other companies interested in buying Apdata. After several positive discussions with the Volaris M&A leaders, the founders decided to proceed with Volaris as one of their preferred companies to sell to due to their buy-and-hold acquisition strategy. 

The owners were looking for a buyer that was interested in Apdata for the company that it was, not an acquirer looking to change the identity of the organization. Manoel and Luiza looked for an acquirer that:

  • Respected Apdata employees and gave them opportunities to grow within the organization,
  • Maintained added value to their technology, and
  • Provided an opportunity to continue growing more rapidly

A very important requirement for the success of any acquisition process is respect and transparency on both sides, especially with the governing body and then with the whole team. We found that with Volaris.

Luiza Nizoli Rocha, Founder, Apdata

Post-Acquisition Success

Today, the organization continues to run with autonomy, and Manoel and Luiza remain at the organization in pursuit of the same goal as always – growing and keeping clients happy.  The Volaris team has worked with Apdata on big plans for the future, including strategies to expand internationally and become a recognized company in their segment.

The employees and customers of Apdata expressed a lot of support in the acquisition of the organization. Knowing that Apdata was joining a multi-national company with over 400 software companies, they were confident in the support that the organization would receive.

Post-acquisition, Manoel and Luiza have gained access to best practice sharing and partnerships with other companies within Volaris Group. They also have many talent development opportunities for themselves as well as their staff within Volaris. These opportunities include investments in the English language, new management techniques for the entire board of directors and coordinators, international innovative practices, advanced customer care training, and opportunities to share expertise in all areas of business.

In the next year, Apdata has several exciting new projects they are working on. These projects aim to improve the customer experience and generate more customers through strategic prospecting. Specifically, Apdata has finalized a new system, WORKFORCE Management, for the hospital and retail markets. Apdata is the only Brazilian People Management company that will offer this technology and service in Brazil.

When asked what the owners of Apdata would tell other business leaders looking to sell their business, they responded, “Volaris is undoubtedly the best option if you believe in your own business. After a period of working together, we would say that our relationship is excellent, with total respect, and if we had to choose a company to support Apdata, we would make the same choice.”

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