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  • Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
  • Acquisition Date: January 2023
  • Vertical Market: Marketing Management
  • Website:


Based in Atlanta, GA, ClickDimensions was founded in 2010 as a provider of marketing automation solutions specialized for the Microsoft Dynamics eco-system. ClickDimensions has grown to be the leading provider of marketing and sales solutions for the Dynamics SMB market and operates in 76 countries around the world. ClickDimensions joined Volaris Group’s MarTech portfolio in January 2023 under the leadership of General Manager Mike Dickerson, who first joined the organization in 2016, after it was acquired by PE firm Accel-KKR Investment.

While private equity firms prioritize maximizing returns for investors, Volaris Group focuses on fostering a collaborative environment and ensuring long term success. Dickerson said the strong financial backing of Volaris parent company Constellation Software made his leadership team confident they were choosing the right partner to position the company for long-term success.

Volaris Group’s ability to put together a deal where there was certainty that it would close was important.

- Mike Dickerson, General Manager, ClickDimensions

What Set Volaris Group Apart

ClickDimensions' decision to select Volaris was driven by the alignment of their shared values and objectives. Clear communication and transparency brought a new sense of confidence and excitement within the staff, who initiated opportunities to learn from Volaris Group’s portfolio of company leaders almost immediately.

While Volaris offers detailed benchmarking data and talent development opportunities to support the company’s overall strategy, decisions about the company’s path forward remain in the hands of the existing leadership team. Volaris Group’s decentralized approach to managing its portfolio companies allowed ClickDimensions the flexibility to make its own decisions about the company’s long-term vision and its employees, free from arbitrary rules and regulations.

The Volaris method is very decentralized and very liberating. There's not a lot of wasted bureaucracy.

- Mike Dickerson, General Manager, ClickDimensions

Empowering Employees and Optimizing Organizational Design

Volaris Group’s “buy-and-hold” principle offers a commitment for nurturing employees, ensuring ClickDimensions’ valuable talent remains part of our stable and forever home. By allowing the leadership team to reshape the organization with long-term success in mind rather than being limited by short term market pressures, Volaris instilled confidence, job satisfaction, and an unwavering dedication to core business objectives.

Customers and partners experienced a smooth transition without any disruption in services. The integration also provided ClickDimensions access to Volaris Group's extensive network of resources, expertise, and financial knowledge, enabling them to deliver increased value and drive growth effectively. Dickerson said Volaris presented the best options for his customers, partners, and most importantly his employees. “It was the best for the employees to go into a never sell, hold forever situation, which was perfect to execute this next stage.”

Volaris Group's commitment to long-term investment creates an abundance of professional development opportunities for ClickDimensions staff. Volaris Group’s dedication to cultivating talent and leveraging the knowledge gained from a diverse range of companies has empowered employees at ClickDimensions to reach their full potential and drive innovation.

There's an understanding of what's needed from a financial reporting perspective. There's an understanding of how performance is going to be managed relative to the Volaris ratios, and there's a very mature, reasonable, and pragmatic approach.

- Mike Dickerson, General Manager, ClickDimensions

Promises Made and Expectations Delivered

Volaris leadership fully committed to supporting ClickDimensions’ new strategic direction, where strong alignment was needed to achieve future profitability and growth. The pre- and post-acquisition expectations and promises involved open and honest discussions through some intensive strategy sessions. 

Volaris Group’s collective knowledge in financial literacy and business fundamentals provided valuable insights for ClickDimensions’ leadership team. Dickerson noted areas that had room for improvement within the organization, specifically optimization within the sales and marketing division. The collaborative approach created a shared understanding of expectations, fostering an environment that encouraged open mindedness and transparency. 

Transitioning from conventional investor driven timelines and expectations to Volaris Group’s strategic long-term approach to sustainable organic growth provided ClickDimension’s with the ability to follow through with their long-term aspirations. By avoiding the constraints that a private equity firm would impose, ClickDimensions was able to focus on making decisions that prioritize the overall success of the business.

The ability to collaborate with peers across a wide variety of software markets showcases how significant strategic alignment and shared values are in driving growth and innovation within the constantly changing marketing technology industry. When asked what he’d say to CEOs considering a move to Volaris, Dickerson’s message was clear:

If you love your business, if you love your product and your customers, and you love working with the people that you work with, this is the place to go. You couldn't find a better place.

- Mike Dickerson, General Manager, ClickDimensions