Constellation Software Named Top Acquirer for 2019

January 17, 2020 Shannon Mandel

Constellation Software 2019: A Record Number of Acquisitions

On January 16, 2020, Constellation Software Inc. (Volaris’ parent company) was named the top volume acquirer of software companies for 2019An independent analysisconducted by Corum Group found that Constellation Software completed a record number of acquisitions through its subsidiaries.

2019 at a Glance  

Of the acquisitions completed by Constellation Software in 2019, over twenty were conducted by Volaris Group. You can read more about these acquisitions in our End of Year Acquisition Update 

About Constellation Software and Volaris Group 

Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU) was founded in 1995 to build a portfolio of software companies and grow them to be leaders in their particular niche. With the backing of Constellation Software, Volaris Group acquires, strengthens, and grows software companies across many different vertical markets and geographies. As buy-and-hold forever acquirers, we offer stability and the assurance that the companies we acquire will never be re-sold. Most of our acquisitions operate as independent businesses after acquisition, and founders and managers are given the autonomy and resources to continue growing their businesses.    

Watch the About Us video to learn more about Volaris Group’s acquisition strategy from our CEO, Mark. 

About the Author

Shannon Mandel

Shannon Mandel is the Content Specialist at Volaris Group. She is responsible for managing Volaris’ content plan and developing materials that resonate with vertical market software leaders. Shannon enjoys working with fellow marketers, corporate management, and business unit leaders across the globe to communicate key messages to Volaris’ audiences

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