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BBT Software

  • Headquarters: Root, Switzerland
  • Acquisition Date: September 2017
  • Vertical Market: Insurance & Benefits Administration


BBT Software is a Swiss-based provider of health, accident, and life insurance administration software. BBT’s core competence is delivering complex, state-of-the-art software for the core business activities of health and accident insurers, and claims management systems for companies. In addition, the company’s portfolio includes other products for the healthcare sector. BBT currently has over 40 satisfied customers, and its products are used by over 14,000 companies. 

BBT was founded in 1996. By 2000, the company had 30 customers for its products. In 2004, BBT adopted the .NET platform. Over the next several years, the company developed several product lines and solutions, including BBTCase and BBTClaims (2007), BBTIndividual (2008), SunetPlus (2009), BBTEnterprise (2011), BBTLife (2013), and BBTHosting (2014). 

Overall I’m very happy with the acquisition. I expect our management will learn a lot from the professional approach to doing business at Volaris. Long term, I know BBT is in safe hands, and I feel good about that.

— Dr. Hermann Biner, Delegate of the Board, Founder of BBT Software

The Decision to Sell

BBT was initially contacted by the Volaris team in October 2016. BBT’s impression of Volaris was very good from the start. The company’s leadership was particularly impressed by the fact that Volaris does not buy businesses to sell them, but holds on to their companies forever, providing them with the support they need to become more successful in the future.

BBT is Volaris’ fifth acquisition in the Financial Services vertical. Joining the Financial Services portfolio is of particular benefit to BBT because it gives the company access to the best practices and resources of its fellow portfolio companies, and provides the company with an international platform to sell its products outside its base in Switzerland.

We are aligned with Volaris in our focus on the Swiss market. With Volaris’ support and help, we are also planning to go into the international market with BBTLife. I’m sure we will learn a lot from Volaris Group in the future to grow professionally in administration, finances, and especially with our sales and marketing approach.

— Dr. Hermann Biner, Delegate of the Board, Founder of BBT Software

Post-Acquisition Success

Now that BBT has joined Volaris, it is beginning to benefit from access to best practices and resources shared within the organization. BBT’s employees have reacted very positively to the news of the company’s sale, because joining Volaris provides them with greater safety. The reaction from BBT’s customers has been strongly positive as well, with the company’s smaller customers particularly pleased that BBT is in safe hands now and part of a large organization with a strong financial background. As part of Volaris, BBT will benefit greatly from the organization’s professional approach to doing business, especially when it comes to finances.

BBT is planning for its long-term success by keeping its focus on the Swiss market while also expanding its international presence with the help of Volaris. With Volaris’ support, BBT intends to build on its track record of serving its satisfied customers and developing stateof- the-art software products. BBT is also planning to leverage Volaris’ considerable resources to improve its business practices, including financing, sales, and marketing, to ensure its continued growth and development in the future.